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Science & Technology Resource Centre

A centre of excellence for sustainable value creation conceived & funded by Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (RGSTC), Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra.

Science & Technology Resource Centre (STRC) is an autonomous institute at Gondwana University Gadchiroli. Positioned as a center of excellence for sustainable value creation, STRC is entrusted with generating livelihood opportunities by deploying appropriate science and technology, particularly for the backward and marginalized tribal communities of Gadchiroli region.

Dr. Anil Kakodkar

Dr. Anil Kakodkar

The Chairman, Rajiv Gandhi Science & Technology Commission (RGSTC), Mumbai, Government of Maharashtra.

“I look forward to STRC becoming a catalyst to science and technology based development of the region and a bridge between knowledge activities in the University and enhanced livelihood in the neighborhood”.


Aquaculture & Livelihoods

Transfer of advanced aquaculture technologies for fish seed production at local level leading to higher yield. Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs) for adoption of technologies, fish seed production, organised marketing & entrepreneurship development. Efforts to streamline interventions through development of policy guidelines. Value added products through women (SHGs).

Bamboo Craft & Livelihoods

Developing a cadre of trained & informal group of artisans and creating sustainable resource base through extension programs. To help generate entrepreneurship platforms for local youths. Applicable R & D for product prototypes, demand driven production & marketing for products in the utility craft space. Ideas to conceive ‘Model Bamboo Craft Villages’.

NTFP/ Medicinal Plants & Other Livelihoods

Employing Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), sustainable harvesting and ex-situ conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Streamlining collection, storage and primary processing of major NTFPs. Facilitate forward linkages in marketing and value chain. Focus on need based alternative livelihood options like poultry, sericulture, etc.

Applicable R & D and Academic Program Development

Developing an education and R & D eco-system through academic collaborations at University level. Creating scope of incubation through ‘Assistance for S & T Application Scheme’ for faculties, students and institutions in the region.

Mobile Demonstration Unit

Van-based audio-visual interactive platform cutting across all projects, used as a tool to generate awareness, disseminate information, demonstrate, low cost technology transfer and showcase best practices to enable local communities make informed choices.


Science & Technology Resource Centre


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