Aquaculture Based Livelihoods



PROJECT 01 : Development of organized fish seed production, culture and marketing to ensure sustainable livelihood opportunities in aquaculture in Gadchiroli district

A jointly implemented project in collaboration with College of Fishery Science (CoFS), MAFSU- Nagpur, on transfer of technologies to address the local demand of quality fish seed. The project intends to impart scientific and technical know-how to farmers on culture of high yielding fish varieties, fish breeding, seed production, fish preservation and marketing. It also aims to develop entrepreneurship through Tribal Fish Farmers’ Interest Group (FIGs).
The technologies such as fish seed rearing and grow-out culture of high. yielding fish varieties have potential to provide assured income and livelihood security to the fishermen communities of Gadchiroli. It is envisaged that the training and skill development of farmers on fish breeding and seed production can encourage many fish farmers to adopt new technology of fish culture. The concept of FIG is in tune with the present needs of the fisheries sector in Gadchiroli district and collaborative fish farming is always better than doing fish culture in isolation. The FIG would have more bargaining power in markets than individual farmers and can more aggressively market their product, even in far flung large markets. This is joint collaboration would certainly be fruitful in achieving the targeted goals set in the objectives of the project proposal.
The project envisages adoption of beneficiaries (Individual farmers/Tribal Self Help Groups) possessing ownership of ponds, community ponds on lease, water shed and village pond etc. assuring a minimum production of 4000-5000 kg of fish/ha/year with a selling price of Rs.100/- kg, a gross income of minimum Rs.4,00,000/- per hectare of water body from cultivating Indian major carps can be earned by beneficiaries. The individual member of the group of 10 farmers can get up to Rs.40,000/- annually.  Procuring inputs and selling of fish in wholesale through the Fisheries Interest Group (FIG) would save at least 20% of revenue of the farmers. Similarly, the mobile fish vending stalls of the beneficiaries would assure 100% market price for their produced fish. The establishment of 05 mobile fish vending stalls in the district would ensure livelihood to at least 25 families directly and proliferation of the technology in whole of the Gadchiroli district.

PROJECT 02 : Sustainable livelihood of tribal population of Gadchiroli district through intervention of scientific fisheries technology

Aquaculture is one of the profitable allied activities for livelihood and nutritional security in the rural sector as the outcome is comparatively higher in comparison to other agriculture allied activities based on the level of capital investment. The popularization of fish farming in the area would be highly beneficial for the economic prosperity of tribal population of Gadchiroli district. Therefore the project envisage a series of meaningful, relevant and strategies intervention of scientific fisheries technology to meet the need of the rural tribal for training and demonstration, creating awareness to ensure better production in the areas of seed production and rearing practices of indigenous including few endangered varieties, technical intervention for augmenting fish production and popularizing the fish products.
The project was implemented in 09 sites with 08 Women Fish Co-operative Societies on board, produced 1 Lac fingerlings 6.4 Qt. of grow-out fishes generating a revenue of about INR 7.0 Lac during the 1st phase and 4.8 Qt. of grow-out fish generating a revenue of about INR 6.4 Lac.

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