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Vaidu Samvad

3rd Vaidu Sanvad in Korchi Tehsil

Under the Indigenous Medicinal Knowledge (IMK) project (Funded by National Academy of Sciences India) of Science & Technology Resource Centre organised a ‘Vaidu Samvad in Korchi Tehsil of Gadchiroli’.

A vaidu samvad is essentially a platform where local Traditional Healers (THs) assemble to exchange their traditional knowledge and experiences on medicinal plants and its use in traditional healthcare practices. Around 65 Traditional Healers (THs) were in attendance during the day long event. Dr. Madavi, Korchi taluka in-charge (Health Dept.) and his colleagues were also present.  

Model Bamboo Village

Inauguration of Model Bamboo Village at Kondawahi

Under the Bamboo Craft & Livelihoods initiative of Science & Technology Resource Centre, Kondawahi, a small village in the Dhanora Taluka of Gadchiroli, has been chosen to be transformed in to a Model Bamboo Craft Village.

The local communities of Kondawahi and the bamboo resources around have the aptitude, interest and potential to develop small business enterprise in Bamboo Craft as a significant source of livelihood. Through this initiative, STRC aims to develop the resource base (for ease of access and availability of raw material), create a cadre of trained local artisans (informal group), develop a Common Facility Center (CFC) and create opportunities of small enterprises for the local community especially women.

Recently, the District Collector, Gadchiroli, Shri Shekhar Singh, I.A.S. inaugurated the Model Bamboo Craft Village and appreciated the efforts of STRC.

STRC Exhibition on ‘Science & Technology Based Solutions for Rural Livelihoods’

STRC Exhibition

Indradhanush- 2019 presented a great opportunity for STRC to showcase various S & T based initiatives and educate inquisitive students and faculties about whole gamut of activities that STRC is involved in. To do that STRC organized an exhibition on ‘Science & Technology Based Solutions for Rural Livelihoods’. The event was formally inaugurated by Dr. S. V. Kane, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Nagpur University. Along with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Gondwana University Dr. N. V. Kalyankar, many distinguished guests to university also were in attendance. Team STRC showcased each of its activities through models, articles, products and IEC materials such as dashboards, banners, standees, brochures and reports etc. Visitors were very keen to understand STRC’s activities and were seen appreciating the efforts so far.

Inauguration of Science and Technology Resource Centre (STRC) premise

New premise of Science & Technology Resource Centre (STRC)

The new premise of Science & Technology Resource Centre (STRC) constructed within the campus of Gondwana University Gadchiroli was inaugurated by Padma Vibhushan Hon’ble Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, RGSTC – Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra and Dr. N. V. Kalyankar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Gondwana University Gadchiroli in presence of Dr. C. D. Mayee, Chairman, Governing Body STRC-GUG, Dr. C. V. Bhusari, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Gondwana University, Gadchiroli, Shri. A. S. Manekar, Member Secretory, RGSTC, Mumbai, Dr. Prakash Dolas, Coordinator for STRC-GUG and Shri Ashis Gharai, Chief Program Officer & Head, STRC on 20th February 2020. Other dignitaries such as the Members of the Management Council and Academic Council, Deans of Academics, Directors of IIL and EEB and senior faculties of PGTDs of Gondwana University Gadchiroli were in attendance.

Dr. Kakodkar unveiled the ‘Inauguration Plaque’ to commemorate the occasion. It gave all of us a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of individuals who put in their efforts to help STRC see this day. STRC also showcased its wide range of activities, projects, products and collaborations under different verticals through an exhibition.

During the Interactive Event

  1. Unveiling of the curriculum of ‘One year Under Graduate Diploma in Bamboo Entrepreneurship & Design’
  2. Launch of the ‘STRC Assistance for S & T Application Scheme – 2020’
  3. Release of the ‘Bamboo Products Catalogue’

Dr. Anil Kakodkar began his address by congratulating the CPO & Head – STRC and the whole team. He informed that STRC is a relatively bigger experiment among various initiatives by the commission and is envisaged to link local community institutions and NGOs, and to work for deployment of appropriate technologies to bridge related knowledge gaps in the university and enhanced livelihoods in the neighbourhoods.

Dr. N. V. Kalyankar, Hon’ble vice chancellor, Gondwana University, Gadchiroli, he urged STRC that it must create sustainable impact on the ground for the betterment of the local communities.

Dr. C. D. Mayee, Chairman, STRC-GUG explaining the difference between Innovation and Invention, expressed that now STRC must engage in bringing a change in the lives of the tribal communities through S & T induced innovation.

The National Conclave on Science and Technology Intervention for the Welfare of Tribal Population

Institute of Life Sciences (ILS)

The National Conclave on S & T intervention for the welfare of Tribal Population was organized by National Academy of Sciences (NASI) and hosted at Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), Bhubaneshwar, Odisha on 24th – 25th February, 2020. Under NASI’s mandate, the goal is to solve the tribal development issues through intervention of science and technology.

By organizing such events, it is NASI’s attempt to bring all front-line actors on one platform for a one-on-one dialogue with policy-makers and implementors. As a valued participant, it was STRC’s honor to be able to contribute to this event and share STRC’s mandate and verticals with the wider audience. STRC used this opportunity well to exhibit banners, plant specimens, and introduce our Traditional Healers (THs) to the audience at large.

In ‘health care including nutrition’ session, discussion was on ‘nutrition as a foundation for health and well-being for all, leaving no one behind, and a key element of primary health care, and on how it plays an essential role in prevention.’ During the ’employment, entrepreneurships and livelihood security’ session, discussion was on creating awareness among the farmers about various agri-based interventions and to adopt new agricultural technologies for improving the productivity and family income. General lectures were on ‘ethnography composition and health care management in tribal belts of Gondwana’ followed by nutrition interventions i.e. ‘healthy women and children ensures effective workforce and productive citizenry’.

Introduction of Saguna Rice Technique (SRT) through a demo session

MDU session on SRT

MDU session on SRT held in Dhamditola, Kurkheda and Ghodezari of Dhanora taluka aimed at creating awareness on the technical know-how and promote this advanced mode of paddy cultivation. Saguna Rice Technique is a unique method of cultivation of rice and related rotation crops without ploughing, puddling and transplanting (rice) on permanent raised beds which ensures more production with less input. STRC would target a group of farmers motivating them to take up this advanced cultivation technique through a pilot initiative from this coming season.

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